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Hey. Truth has beauty, power and necessity.
I am from Grenada and learning to write in English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Provillus not, clubbingtangle free widespread hedgehog hair: this piece of soft hair today is resulted by health off the testoids or the lymphomas."

Thanks for the help :-), Enrico.


Thanks, TJ. I was blessed to have been raised in biblically-anchored churches. Others have not had a similar experience. I've observed that when people finally begin to earnestly study God's Word and seek to understand it, rather than what.. a) they've heard before, b) what makes them "feel" good, or c) makes them accepted... they light up, and many for the first time "re"-discover the Lord.


Hey, I love it! I've always been of a fan of the church that says: Lets look at what we've learned in the past, make sure it's scriptural, now let's make it our foundation and build from there. I applaud the direction a church goes based on scripture instead of fads.

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