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Marylee Noble

Neh. 8:10b



Hey Jeff,
I think your Notes from the trail is great!!! By the way, if Caro forget to mention this to you, I want to tell you that my sisters were in town the night of the TG Community Service and your message was so refreshing!!! My sister took "NOTES" and bless her heart she was writing fast as you spoke. I was offering up prayer thanking Him for such a refreshing time~ He allowed me to see first hand how He is working in my sisters life and to watch her worship and praise our Father was awesome!! I use to long for the day for them to Know Him and now I love watching them grow in their love for His word. thanks again.. it was so refreshing...


Wow. Thanks you guys and gals! Karl, Kimberly, Jim... I REALLY appreciate your kind thoughts. I'm just plugging away at all this like we all are. I just happen to be geek-tech enough to record my meanderings. Happy holidays!

Kimberly Steed Landrum

I've never even been on a blog before Jeff's so I'm new at this. As always, Jeff you are a positive influence and it is endlessly amazing to see your cup half full. The brittle rocks and is addictive. (Note: the pecan brittle was a disappointment!). Stick with the others. :)



You have a great outlook on life. I'll admit, I don't frequent your blog until you send out one of your shameless emails to remind me to do so. I'm going to increase my visits because I'm uplifted each time I do. Your's and Carolyn's strength and outlook on life is an inspiration both to me and my wife.

God Bless,


P.S. Shelley didn't appreciate the Theiman Trophy humor.


In the immortal words of Cosmo Kramer. “Getty Up” You’re an awesome dude. I read stuff like what you posted today and think I’m not the only one who feels like crap about myself and my “accomplishments”. Thanks for your transparency and your positive spirit despite negative circumstances.


I hate Woody Harrelson! Does this man not see the positive side of blogging. Blogs can open a door for conversation ABOUT life and daily struggles. It is another mode of communication initiation. I have personally had MUCH face-to-face conversation, including real in-depth speak, from my blogging entries. I have received encouragement from others, and others have received encouragement and challenges from me. Open your mind Woody.

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