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doug harton

These are great comments on church planting. I believe we can become so busy inside that we have no affect outside. It would be great if the Lord led Journey in this direction, I believe church planting reaches many more for Christ than growing a single congregation.


Jill I say yes. Satan will use any method to prevent Kingdom building. Even by keeping Christians busy doing works or by making them think a building project is the key.


"I hope to examine why churches have NOT considered church planting as a viable option to extend and build the kingdom of Christ. I'd be interested in your input at this point!"

well jeff, i wonder if church traditions often keep pastors and church leaders from thinking out of the box. in many (most) long standing churches in the south, there are members whose families have been there for years, and often get offended when something other than the norm is introduced. Look at the battle of worship styles for goodness sake!
Also, i wonder if building, being the attractive option, hides people's selfish motives, pride, etc, by allowing them to "hide" behind a good thing, rather than take the unpopular, more-work option of planting. I'm going out on a VERY far limb here and may get blasted, but Satan will often use several good things to prevent furthering the Kingdom, and I'm curious to know if this could be one of them.

Ryan Morgan

The great thing about planting churches instead of adding buildings and etc. is that planting eliminates alot of the church polity.

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