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Would love that! Save me some moola!

Mark W.

I have a copy you can borrow if you'd like. Just let me know.


Mark... Brian McLaren said the same thing in his book about The Man Who Was Thursday, so between you and McLaren, now I've got to go get it!

Diana... Yup.

Diana Harton


Mark W.

Wonderful brain food for the day! BTW…Chesterton’s argument is still taken seriously today by philosophers who still need to explain why so-called “natural” laws exist in the first place. Also, abstract entities like numbers and concepts seem to exist apart from human experience, but why? Would 2+2 always equal 4 if there were no divine mind imposing its will on the universe each and every second? It’s no wonder that these mind-boggling questions are described by Chesterton as being more magical than scientific! They simply amaze!

Also, if you love Chesterton, I highly recommend his novel 'The Man Who Was Thursday.' It is a great read in the tradition of C.S. Lewis’s fiction…entertaining, suspenseful, and spiritually enlightening.

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