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The question is, Do Conservatives want more big government?
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Dawn Reed

I was starting to wonder about you and that van....glad you got a new ride...too bad it is still not as MANLY as CARO's ride!!!! HA.

Hey what was that Fordyce/Billie score??? OUCH!

Mark W.

Jeff - It's a lifestage I'm skipping (thanks for showing me the reason why I should). Best of luck selling the fem-mobile.

BTW - XTerra's are wicked masculine! You're KING!!!

Marylee Noble

Yea!!! Glad you got some wheels that restored your masculinity.
Looks good too.



Karl, you're not crazy. The xml file was incorrect at the podcast location... I think it's working now. Thanks for the heads up.

Angela, tell Mark that he'd look great in a minivan. It's a life stage we all have to pass through.

Tanx, TJ!

Karl C.


I tried the podcast link. It wouldn't open on my computer. Is it working or might it be something on my end?



Nice ride! Maybe someday we'll graduate from a minivan, too.


I tried to get you a buyer...but my husband won't budge!


My honey gets his testosterone pumping by working on his 1979 chevy beater truck.....LOL,Every man has to have his special something and every woman;hers

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