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Phillip Slaughter

The 4th best team in the SEC is 11th in the country right now. 4th best in the SEC is GOOD!!!!!!!


Hi my name is A.J. and I'm a Arkansas Razorback fan.

They say that admitting it is the first step, so there, I said it, I'm a Hog fan. Always have been, always will be. Through the good times and the bad times. Because in the end it's all about the fun of the game. I clicked on Jeff's blog and thought I had went to Drive Time Sports there for a minute. I'm not going to get worked up over who should call the plays, who should get the start. Can't we all just get alone. LOL!

Marylee Noble

Well, your dad and I stuck with the game till the bitter end, althought I threatened him if he didn't quit "badmouthing" the coaching. I like and respect Houston Nutt. Hopefully, he's instilling more than just the game of football in those young guys. No, it's not fun to lose, but I'm hoping this season will be a different story with all the talent we have. I was excited to see in the paper today that Mitch Mustain is officially the #1 quarterback now.

It's amazing how many comments you've had on this topic. I guess it's just easier to talk about insignificant (in the big picture) things than eternal things.




It honestly wasn't meant to hurt. I didn't intend that at all. I was just having some fun with it all. Please take it as that and don't read between any lines there... K?

Kevin Stokes

ouch!!!! your reply hurts.... I did have a great reply to this... I had it written and ready to post.... But after reading it, decided it was too much.... This could have turned into a great boxing match, but I will take your TKO and stay down....
Caro.... Thanks for your comment...
"GO HOGS GO!!!!!!!"

Mark W.

Embarrassing? Sorry Slaughter, but your statement that the SEC is the toughest conference in college football is totally laughable and only supports my earlier assertion that Hog fans are not seeing things objectively enough to foster real positive changes for a program that continues to slip...apparently, as your comment implies, since 1920! And by the way, who says that Arkansas "can't" attain the recruiting base of Texas or USC...they can't if they don't try, but this sorry "we can't" attitude, which is too prevalent around here, is the only hinderance. It doesn't help the Hogs, just like it doesn't help the performance of the state in general. (Now there's an enlightening blog idea...The Hogs as representative of Arkansas state government...go for it!)


Phillip, please come back down to earth. Do you hear yourself? 4th best in one conference in the whole nation... 4th best winning % of Arkansas coaches since 1920?! What kind of point are you trying to prove by that? That's almost embarrassing.

Perhaps your indoctrination into all things Hogs is best revealed by "we're not going to be in the hunt for the national title every year..." How about any year?

1964 was a long time ago. Neither you nor I were even gleams in our daddy's eyes. Heck, your folks may not have even met yet.

Phillip Slaughter

Leave the even-handed journalism to Jeff. Nutt is not that bad. He has the 4th best winning % of Arkansas coaches sinces 1920. He also has the 4th best Conference winning %, and those guys didn't have to play in the SEC. He has also led the Hogs to bowl games 6 of the last 8 years (including a win over Texas in the Cotton Bowl). Plus, Arkansas has 41 home victories under him (most in the SEC during that span). Before Nutt (1990 - 1997), 25-37; Since 29 - 27. Arkansas is Arkansas; we're not going to be in the hunt for the national title every year, but it is still fun to pull for the home team. We will never have the recruiting base of Texas, USC, etc. but we compete every year. Not to mention we play in the toughest conference in college football.

Karl C.

Jeff, you are probably right. It has caused me to reflect somewhat on what is really significant though. I will continue to follow the Hogs but will attempt to keep things in perspective. I will also endeavor to comment on the deeper posts.

No disrespect meant to anyone who commented on Jeff's Hogs post, I'm right there with you regarding my displeasure with the program.


Caro, you're just trying to suck up to everyone. ;)

Mark, exactly.

Karl, thanks so much... really. I thought the same thing about the comments stuff. I spend a lot of time of some of the more significant posts and get no feedback. Then I post something silly like this, and look where we are...

I think it's perhaps it's easier to make comments on a post like than it is on one that is "deeper?"

Karl C.

What a comment it says about all of us who read this blog (including myself) that we have most likely set a record for comments for one of Jeff's posts. I hate that I haven't commented more on the spiritual matters that Jeff continualy brings up but don't seem to have any problem commenting on trivial matters such as who will be the Hogs QB next week versus Utah St. or what records somebody set at Nobody High.

Jeff please keep up the great work of challenging me to do God's work and to follow Him closer in my daily walk. Go Jesus!!!

Mark W.

Since moving to Arkansas, I continue to be floored by the naive, glossy-eyed faith by which Razorback fans continue to "expect" great things from their mediocre teams. I totally agree that Houston Nutt is not worthy of continuing at such a large football-dependent institution. However, what is most surprising to me is that any Razorback fan would actually get upset at yesterday's game against USC. What did they expect for crying out loud? It's time that Arkansas stop living in this dream world that they can compete nationally before rebuilding the program. The drawback is that a few "loyal" Hogs may actually have to do some realistic criticizing before the "good ole boys" and their cronies clear out of Fayetteville and leave the coaching to someone who will make the Razorbacks a feared rival once again. Until then, these little piggies should probably just steer clear of the PAC 10 conference altogether...and given yesterday's performance, perhaps even the WAC. Sorry, just callin' it how I see it. :)

carolyn Noble

Kevin, What an awesome post!! Go Hogs!!


Despite your disclaimer, it sounds like worship to me... ;)

Would that all our church members were as devoted... Let me change your quote up a bit:
"When we look bad, I will vent, about the leaders maybe or some members, but I will always be faithful to ________________ and look forward to the gathered community of faith each week."

How's that sound?

Kevin Stokes

Hmmmmmmm. Guilty... I am an Arkansas Razorback fan to the bitter end. I will stand by them through thick and thin. Do I get upset with play calling??? Do I get impatient with the way things are ran? Yes to both. But.... I also do that with many other things in my life also.... Family, Friends....Even God..... Which proves my point that I don't have the answers. I get impatient with God and his play calling yet he has the master game plan for all of us... No..I am not saying that Houston is a God, nor am I saying that I worship or idol Arkansas Football. I know that comparing Arkansas or Houston Nutt to God is not a good comparison, but the point that I am making is this.... Arkansas Football (wheather good are bad) is something that I will always love, no matter who the coaching staff is or the Athletic Director. Every season I will be pumped about the games. I love getting together with other people and fellowshipping and watching the game. It's my kind of fun. And when we win, well I feel all mushy inside....When we look bad, I will vent, about the coach maybe or some players, but I will always be faithful to Arkansas Football and look forward into the games each week.

Lindy Word

oops, Jeff, Mustain actually rushed four yards for a touchdown . . . I should proofread my comments so late at night. :)

Lindy Word

They finally did put Mustain in at the end of the 4th and he threw a touchdown pass, of course.

Nutt should've put him in sooner (in my humble, very limited knowledge, opinion).

Karl C.

There Jeff, that wasn't so bad was it? He was at Shiloh (2 state championships), most recently at Springdale (another championship), where Mustain played and broke all of the records you spoke off on his way to being the #1 rated QB in the nation. You are correct on the question as to why he isn't in the game. As of 11pm, it is shaping up to be a blowout you mentioned when it was 10-0.


I would much rather watch the weevils lose than the 'backs. At one point in my life I thought the pigs were the most wonderful thing in the world. Now I couldn't give a flying flip about them.


Ah, Karl, thanks for the clarification. He was hired late last December, and was the coach of the Springdale High School football program where... oh my goodness... Mitch Mustain blew out every school record and became the nation's most sought-after QB recruit in decades. What a coincidence!?

Malzahn's hiring was a genius move by Nutt to get a leg up on Mustain's recruitment. But his playcalling so far is still "nuts."

Again, thanks for the clarification... we'll see how the final score looks to determine if it was a blowout or not.

Karl C.

Jeff, are you watching a rerun of last year's game? Houston doesn't call the plays anymore (ever hear of a guy named Gus Malzahn) and they aren't getting blown off the field. Malzahn calls the plays now, also have a pretty nice resume, won a championship last year at Springdale with a Parade All-American quarterback or something like that. Most of what you said about Nutt & Broyles is correct but loses a little creditibility when you think that Nutt is still calling the plays. Pick up the ArDemGaz tomorrow, they will catch you up on who Malzahn is.

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