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Go LSU!!!

Phillip Slaughter

Go Hogs and Go Rose! That's my wife!

kevin Stokes

Yes.... You are right Jeff. I was so excited at half time with the 17 point lead, and then, it turned boring. Boring and tense for Hog fans, exciting and intense for Gamecock fans. The only highlight of the second half for me was when Reggie Herring finally got a clue for once not to run the man to man defense and actually try zone. Which forced an interception that iced the game for the Hogs. If the Razorbacks had stayed in the man to man defense the remainder of the game, they would not be #11 in the nation right now.
Tennessee comes to town this coming weekend. With a close loss to LSU, they are looking for some kind of redemption. Arkansas better take heed, or it might turn into another USC Trojan game.
As far as Mustain only getting one series and then sitting on the bench the rest of the evening because of a quick interception, maybe he did something that the coaches didn't like in practice all week, maybe even an injury. and the coaches decided to see what he had in his first series and then make a change if needed.
However, I will chime in with this.... Mustain by far has not led the Hogs to 8 straight victories. His stats are below average for a quarterback in the SEC. The keys to the 8 straight victories have been the running game. Mcfadden and Jones have been sensational. When one isn't quite on their game, the other one is. Sometimes they both are in a zone at the same time.
But it has also been that Malzone shows many different offenses during a game. Mixing it up and confusing the defense. They turned completly conservative and predictable in the second half against South Carolina, which nearly cost them the game.
So Jeff, in a way, I am agreeing with you, and in a way, I'm not.

rosie slaughter

Mustain led the team to victory?!! What are you talking about? Have you even been watching the games? :) Seriously, though, Mustain is a great quarterback, will be an AMAZING quarterback...but here's the key words...with practice and experience. He has thrown numerous interceptions and constantly freezes up, even with the crowd just gets too loud. I'm not trying to be hard on him, but he is your typical freshmen player who needs to get a feel for the college games during his first year and go on to start later on in his career. I think, based on Mustain's performance in previous games and his short performance in the Carolina game, that Houston Nutt made a wise decision by putting Casey Dick in the game. He played well the whole game, and in my personal opinion, if Mustain would have stayed in we probobly would have lost the game.

Pam Cameron

hey Jeff.
I was in camden this weekend. Went to a great church service with some friends this morning. I thought about Journey a lot and missed everybody. I got Carolyn's sweet card in my box! It makes me smile to get mail.

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