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OH YEAH WHO's the Man!!!!

Kevin Stokes

Well, I thought that maybe Dean was dating Mark, but now, I think he's two-timing you guys. Why does Dean know more about you guys than your own wives?

Phillip Slaughter

Biblebeltman? I'm going now to check it out. My middle name is Dean, but I promise I only took the quiz once!


Lindy, your score on mine makes me think that you asked a bunch of trick questions on yours.

Dean, my soul mate, where have you been all my life? ;)

Caro, sweetie... there's such a big difference between a Powermac and an iMac. Let me buy another one and I'll show you... ;)

Lindy Word

I blew your score out of the water!! I did better than amanda and as good as Caro!

And, seriously, you have a website called biblebeltman?


the great hou-dean-i has struck again! perfect score! you and wegley need to get a little mystery in your lives

Letty Burton

Hey....does this mean I only half-way know you???
and your better half is..Carolyn...right?
Oh,now I know you!!! :)

Mark W.

I second Diana's comment! Everyone knows you want to be Spidey, and Fortune Cookie is SO obviously where you choose to eat!

And to think that I'm only whining because I did so badly on your quiz! I don't know you very well at all...scary!

Anyway [***shameless promotion***] I couldn't resist. I posted a quiz too! How fun!


Hey...I took your quiz....I have to disagree with you on a couple of these questions. I know Forture Cookie is your favorite cause everytime Doug goes there you are there....and there is no way my pastor would like Donald Duck over Spider man....lol

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