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Rachel D. H

I didn't mean just books but I'd love to get my hands on ANYTHING! :)

Rachel D. H

I can't help but laugh really hard that I stumbled onto your blog when I googled for "bible belt ministry" because not only are we on the same page but we are even in the same state! lol I am a missionary kid from the frontiers of the world where no one has heard of the gospel and it's so fustrating to be back here for college where everyone KNOWS stuff! I can't even mention Jesus' name without nods or even say anything (as un-"christian" as I can think of) without someone saying "yeah yeah" even though their life shows no evidence that they really are part of the kingdom! All criticsm aside I really want to know how to reach the people I work with here. Jesus is bringing in a completely radically different kingdom than the one that is here on the planet and I want to share that but I don't know how to get past the "uh-hu"s. Do you have any books you could suggest?


Preach, brother! Preach!

Jeff Noble


Thanks for the encouragement! I read that book and loved it about 2 years ago as we were starting Journey Church! the only thing I'm still processing about it is its emphasis on the 5-Fold Ministry. I don't know that that one passage is as prescriptive as the book makes it out to be.

But I definitely enjoyed the book and was deeply encouraged and challenged by it. A similar book in its depth and challenge (as well as its emphasis on the 5-Fold Ministry) is "Shaping of Things to Come." It's in my parchment list. Check it out when you can.


Jason Kerner

You are not alone in your wrestling. Another good book is Houses that Change the World by Wolfgang Simpson. God is beginning to raise up a generation that longs to live with Jesus among the lost.

I appreciate your thoughts and your heart.


I see your point. And it's quite sharp.
Religion has become a "bad" word that I do not enjoy using any more. As I have been learning these last three years (I am glad to say thatsome of that learning took place under your tree Jeff), I have found that so many people are just happy with being in the "religious" club. It is truly disheartening.
Alas, Christ is still awesome, and I think that if people would just ask for a hunger for His word, and more knowledge of Him, He would gladly give it to them. Once people start learning more about God, then I think they will get out of this religious funk and become Christ's diciples
Do you think people are actually scared to ask Christ for a hunger of His knowledge?

Your pal,

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