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Craig Jenkins


I got caught up on the blog. I almost peeed on myself reading about the WMD. How true my fellow struggler. It is only worse when you get your wife a surburb because she has more room to make a mess. Very funny - that needs to be known outside your blog world.


oh please. you've seen our car. we try. we really do. they just spontaneously combust. just live happy. give into it, man. the years you'll have of a clean vehicle will be longer than these.


my ridiculously anal husband would divorce me over something like that! ha maybe i'm exaggerating, but that is a major pet peeve of his. However, when it comes to the house, it's another story.
sorry i didn't get to see ya'll yesterday. we already committed to helping some friends get their house ready to sale. maybe next time if you're lucky

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