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That does it. Now I'm going to post about my back hair.

Jeff Noble

What's the big deal? You all like this is the first post on ear hair you've ever read!

Carolyn Noble

Jeff, am I going to have to preview your posts before you post them? Please!!!!


"... the ear hair gods have smited me by ..."

That is one funny little line.
Gold Jerry.


i'm not sure, but that COULD be the grossest thing i've read in while. and you should meet some of my client....


Jeff, your sink was so shiny and clean after I scrubbed it. Then you walked by and made some joke about shaving your ears. I thought you were just kidding. Next thing I know, I hear the little buzz of your bush hog, I mean ear hog coming from the bathroom. Did you wipe up the mess? Please tell me you did...

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