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You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


Do you desire a house but you lack enough cash to acquire it?


Good afternoon. You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.
I am from Tanzania and bad know English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Is the first report to demonstrate anti allergic efficacy in vivo of a highly displayed anti inflammatory efficacy in a mouse model of allergic asthma that.Prweb august studies showed reishi extract is effective against all four types of allergic anti allergic and anti inflammatory."

Thank you so much for your future answers :-). Vual.


Phillip, the blog has moved to journeyguy.com. I sent you an email yesterday to that effect. It's described in the last entry on this blog.

Philip Corder

well it appears that now this is a DEAD Blog zone----only by someone searching [hippee547] or the preachers manifest ---will it become active agin,,,,Am I right???

Philip Corder

OK I see it posted---have,nt visited this site in quite a while--so here I am agin to complete the verse my granddad once told me---something like this--"one of the greatest sins is argueing religion and politics"--maybe even the greatest sin--so to commune sanely forget the arguement and sincerely study one anouthers faith--and democrasy --or lack of--that should be a beginning of understanding---evry trek begins w/ one step forward---so I,m offering my thoughts toward understanding,to possiblly finding a better treatment of our present world conflicts...just ask for my reply !!!

Philip Corder

can I get a HEY come on and visit w/ us agin?

Jeff Noble

Thanks for the compliment! Coming from you... well, that's huge. I can only speak for myself... not Mitch! ;)


I always wondered about you and Mitch...... : )


Great post. I agree with Brandi and Carolyn. You need to write that book. (just don't include any college stories.....some of us would like to keep our jobs.)


hummmin---just tryin ta explore the Beliefnet website and got lost here--took the what fait are you test and they said I was 100% neo pagan ! What is neo pagan???---maybe I should rething some of my answers to their ????s--?--also tryed signing on a doz. times with my signon name ,which I,ve had with aOL FOR 6+ YRS NOW [HIPPEE547Y@AOL.COM] AND IT KEPT TELLING ME I had an invalid emailc add...think I finally figured it out tho--signin name has to have letters and numbers, or at least 1 of each---it may change tho next time I try to sign on tho--yes its true ,I do consider myself an ole hippee, after coming out of the vn war in 69--I got into an ibm programing school in Hotlanta,Ga.,which only lasted 2 months since I took up w/ the hippy community on peachtree St. n the surrounding area, Piedmont Park ,etc..wound up living in and out of what a doz. or so of us considered Our commune on Charles Allen Drive---for nearly a yr.---then returned to my hometown in 70 to open a headshop?--Actually Arts n Crafts--but stayed involved w/ the alterative lifestyle for say 20yrs--got drug free in the mid 80s,when I decided to settle and try at raisin a family, finally had a daughter in 89 --now am disabled on v.a. pens. --dabbled at songwriting for the past 36 yrs..and began writing poetry a few yrs ago, w/ better success--website is--poetry.com--poet name --Philip Corder-- have had bout 20 published--theres 50+ on my site--just now beginning to more seriously explore the complexities of Faith---ready ta butt heads on the subject--one a my favorite quotes is from my Granddad Corder,who back in the early 50s took me to a negro church social,and all day preachin--as he was an evang. himself--and close freinds with Strom Thurmond of SCs policial fame--even a campaine worker for Strom in the 50s---well,I shouldnt ramble on here yet-just introducing myself,for the messageboards n chatrooms--should I get any responce from ya,ll---hippee547

Ginger Norris

You are anything but ordinary! Awesome post!

Jeff Noble

Thanks, helper!
But instead of a book, just forward the link to the entry... Let's see what we can drum up in the way of readers... interpreters... for the Word that became flesh.


ditto, Caro and Brandi...intriguing, interesting, eye-opening. i've been very convicted about my blog time vs. Bible time lately anyway. thanks a lot-it can't get much clearer than this message :)

Carolyn Noble

That was incredible!! and convicting!! Keep em coming! and listen to Brandi!!!:)


Brandi... you know you have a secret desire to diagram sentences! Admit it.


You remember how very much I loved the initial part of our study???? I had english class nightmares just ready your blog today...stop it...no...I don't want to dissect sentences...what's a pronoun...that word's too big for me to even pronounce...help me...somebody pinch me! You really should be an english teacher or maybe you should write that book that Carolyn has been pestering you about doing....you know that wife knows best!!! :)

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