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Jeff Noble

Nope. We moved from Tanglewood back in '02. New house. Same van. Different groceries. Glad to see you're still lurking!


JEFF- is that the house ya'll have always lived in?? i don't remember it being white. ok, foreshadowing - when i see a pile of receipts on the armoire and i'm suddenly filled with dread, knowing that Josh has probably debited everything in our account and a few others. makes me anxious just thinking about it....

Jeff Noble

Hey Phil! Welcome to the blogzone! I'm not connected in any way with beliefnet, orther than being a member there. But thanks for your input and thoughts! You're welcome anytime, and I plan on stopping by your site to look at things.


now what did I hit, I just erased my comment here--"opps--guess I should focus better when typing--was sayin,I guess I should comment on the blog that got me started here--bout highschool n such--oh I could go on for hrs bout my teen years,but mainly I,m back ta apolijize if I came on a bit heavyhanded here--we all have ta have our agendas n egos ta contend with--can be maddening at this age of pushin 60--and still tryin ta live half my age--and think even younger--too much water over the dam for that tho--the mind tends ta race or rage outta control,mostly when ya think ya may have an audience--and this all started this morn by visiting the website called --Beliefnet---is the blog connected in any way--done lost track here---Phil-aka...hippee5457


I just entered the blog zone with my 1st comment,(dont remember the site already) and didnt proofread my littl ditty till after posting it--then discovered with my 2finger army taught typin just how many errors I left unattended---I was taught better than that in highschool, but here at 7am ,after bein up w/ carpeltunnel numbness at 4am--wakin me from sleep,I,m a bit skitty/--oh what the word?--too much morn coffee maybe or just tha mid.age babyboomer blues--been a lotta wear n tear on this ole S.C. bod in my nearly 59 yrs...somebody email me ta let me knoe if I,m gittin thru to someone?--hippee547y@aol.com--I also invited all ta visit my own pages on the web --@ --poetry.com--poetname -Philip Corder--been scribblin poetry now for a few yrs--and had bout 20 or so published--theres 50+ on my site--I began the writing thing back in the early 70s,writin n performing my own songs for the local public around my hometown, in S. C. still write a song or so,wkly or monthly,but concentrate mostly on poetry now--as I,m more successful at it--from chilly S.C. this may1st 2006 morn--Ya,ll come now,n Peace n Luv to ya all --Phil,aka..hippee547

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