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I'd be really interested in you pounding out some thoughts over at Markverse as to your insights about this societal change we're experiencing. It's amazing that you can help foster community and build relationships in a somewhat "detached" environment as a blog or the net.

Who says I'm not trying to crack you up? I mean, you laugh when I sprout a new eyebrow. It's not that hard to reduce you to a quivering mass of helpless giggling Jello.

Katy bar the door! From lurker to linker in a matter of days. Keep the thoughts coming!

Mark W.

I totally agree with Kristy's comment about feeling more "me" behind the computer screen. Some people would say that this is an awful societal change, but I think it's very positive.

There is one distinction that should be made. If one is writing a professional blog, then the blog should be "more" topically focused, but if making friendship connections is any part of ones blogging mission, then diverse blogs are absolutely essential.

I can't believe how connected I've become to Notes From the Trail in a matter of weeks. I tend to think it has something to do with its diversity...I'll shut up now.


Jeff, you so crack me up, even when you're not trying to. Or maybe mostly when you're not trying too?!!! I LOVE your blog, you are number one in my book when you're focused and when you're not. I know you find it hard to believe but I get myself emotionally involved in other's lives quite easily. That's why I like blogging, seems that I'm more "me" and others are more "them" without a person's face looking back. That probably only makes sense to someone like me.I know so many new people through blogging....love it!


I agree with Ralph......Don't change! I like that you share what's happening or what you're thinking "currently" - it just comes out and is honest, insightful, inspirational and/or funny. "Keepin' it real" - as some folks might say.

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