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Jill, just learned the other day about Paul and Missy heading to Bryant. Heard Paul was hairless. ;) I haven't seen them since they left Camden. Would love to get together with them. Thanks for the heads up. Crazy that you recognized them.

One sneaky trick you might try is posting "hot words" in the same color as your background. That way, they don't actually show up in your blog, but search engines still catch them...

Certainly! Link away! I stopped by your blog and enjoyed it! Will check back often.


Hi, I've just spent the best part of an hour looking through your blog - it makes good reading. I got to it from a link Andy's, Eyes turned outward blog. I just wondered if it would be okay to link to your blog from mine? I thought it would be polite to ask. Cheers.


Point #5: Yeah, I posted "viagra" and trolled out a new comment from this person that I do not know.

I feel so "Almost Famous."


josh and i ran into missy williams and her husband today in bryant. missy and i recognized each other but neither could remember how we knew each other. we realized that carolyn and u were the connection. isn't that weird??? gosh, it's been probably 10 years and i'm sure i never saw them THAT much! small world i guess. tell caro that they're in bryant now, he's the minister of education at first southern

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