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Brittany Martin

I'm hurt...you were in our neck of the woods and didn't even call?? I guess I'll let you off the hook this time since I'm not sure you even have our phone number. But next time you're up here, let us know!


Elton... I've emailed Jackie and asked him to get in touch with you. Be looking for an email from him.


I left Fort Smith fifteen years ago when I went off to college with the attitude of George Bailey saying, "I'm going to shake the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and go out and see the world." Now I'd give anything to move back there (now that they have a Starbucks). I'm excited to hear that there are some positive things going on there, because FS tends to be overly traditional and religious. I'm going to try to look some of these folks up next time we're on furlough.


Mark... thanks for the commenting. I've enjoyed your blogging immensely and probably refrain from commmenting there simply because I don't want to dominate the interaction.

And no offense (AT ALL!) taken from the minivan remarks. I've been feeling rather pretty driving it.

Mark W.

Sounds like you had a great time. I particulary related to your comments about Mr. Flake (an unfortunate last name) not because I've ever met him, but because you said, "He's also brilliant. Dadgummit. He not only absorbs quickly what I'm babbling about, but is able to integrate, reflect, and respond..." I love that feeling I get when I'm in awe of someone's intellect and feel like bouncing off of them all the ideas I've had in the last five years. How fun that always is! And Books-A-Million...I'm jealous!

Also, thanks a bunch for the DJ mag (address is forthcoming) - I'll see what kind of thing I can come up with to "pay it forward."

BTW...apologies for the cheap shot about Hilary Swank and the minivan. It was in good spirits. Our next car will probably one of those too. Nothing wrong with it...nothing, nothing, nothing.

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