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Phillip Slaughter

Congrats on the victory!


Yay! MR.Bug Exterminators!What a cute name by the way-I am sure they would not want to hear me say that,but it is.They should not have handicapped them like that!!


Not particularly singular-formed over several years of multiple experiences most of which are negative.Although my experiences as a child and team sports weren't shining examples of comradery,I still gave way to thoughts that team sports were useful and I still believe that.....but the attitude of a few has [maybe] permanently tarnished my outlook on such.
Basically the jist of which is this:
My children have participated in various athletic teams over the past few years or better and it has been my experience that most of the adults have done nothing short of ruining my children's {and those of others}self esteem,by playing favorites and making the win, mean everything.Fun and learning seem to have been drained from team sports.I am by no means trying to stereotype everyone involved but the cliche' goes....The few ruin it for the many...and so it has.I tend to rant-sorry.LOL

Marylee Noble

Yeah Mr. Bugs Exterminators!!! What a game! So sorry we missed it. Keep doing whatever you did last Saturday. Sam, Grammy & Poppa are proud of you.

Mark W.

K.T. - A "negative viewpoint of team sports"??? Is this a developmental philosophical perspective or just a grudge formed by a singular experience? Do tell.

Personally, I think there are a lot of pitfalls associated with children's team sports, but overall I think they represent some of the most fun and rewarding experiences I had as a kid.


I am biased on this subject right now and have recently taken on a negative viewpoint of team sports.....so I will check back later...LOL

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